× Vaulters must jump in with the appropriate group.

× All bags shall be kept in designated areas (no cell phones during practice).

× Poles must be stored in the pole racks and off the floor at all times. This reduces that chance that poles get damaged from being stepped on.

× All of the equipment is available before, during and after classes (during normal business hours). Each class has a built in time for weight training but you may stay and lift longer if you choose (Any equipment damaged due to being used incorrectly will be become the responsibility of the athlete to replace. THIS INCLUDES BROKEN POLES that have not been reported as damaged prior to break.)

× Throw away all garbage including water bottles.

× Keep drink bar clean and tidy. If you make a mess please clean it up.

×  Be respectful to all coaches, other athletes, and equipment

×  No vulgar language

×  Get the most out of your training. Be attentive, try hard, and focus on the task at hand.

×  All classes will begin and end on time. No vaulting outside of class.

×  Many announcements will be listed at the check-in desk, via email, and/or on the website. Check frequently.

×  All members must have a credit card on file as of 09/17.

×  All members must become a member of the USATF

×  Our facility is spikeless. NO spikes allowed, until 2 weeks prior to large meets (State, Indoor Nationals, Outdoor Nationals)

×  Make ups are allowed if 48 hours noticed is given prior to you missing practice. Exceptions may be made to this rule on a case by case basis.