106 W. 53rd Street

Boise, ID 83714


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$30/Session or Monthly Fee

October-May $250/month

June $210/month

July $240/month

August $240/month

September - $240/month


Athletes (Ages 10 & Up)

Speed and agility are an essential part of training regardless of what sport you participate in or your age. Our speed and agility program will aid in developing your sprint mechanics to increase your overall speed and power. It is designed to work the muscles and tendons throughout your legs and core to increase performance while minimizing injury. This program will help develop proper movement techniques and help maximize your efficiency while performing any and all athletic endeavors. We believe that you are never too young to start developing speed and agility as long as it is appropriate for the degree of physical and psychological maturity of each individual athlete.

Speed & Agility Training

Introducing form, technique, and muscle memory drills early ensures the development of good habits. We will focus training on stride length, stride frequency, and footwork fundamentals with resisted running and speed ladders along with linear speed, agility and vertical jump. Lower extremity strength and power are fundamental components of speed development. We will keep the training easy to understand and perform while keeping it fun for all ages. We will have weight room equipment, plyo boxes, turfed field, sleds, med balls, and hurdles to utilize in developing speed and agility.

Introductory-Session Option

Not sure Speed & Agility is for you? Feel free to sign up for a $30 Introductory single-session to test-drive Speed & Agility Training. This Intro Fee will be credited toward your Block Fees when you decide to sign up for the full course.