106 W. 53rd St.

Boise, ID 83714


Camp #1 March 27-29, 2018

(In-House fly in 3/26 afternoon and fly out late afternoon 3/29)

Camp #2 April 11-13, 2018 CANCELLED

(In-House fly in 4/10 afternoon and fly out late afternoon 4/13)




In House

$905 (not including airfare)


Please Contact

Stacy Dragila



*If you have any food allergies or special dietary concerns, please email Stacy

2000 Olympic Champion

3x World Champion

15x US Champion

Former American and World Record Holder

USATF Hall of Fame Inductee


The Camp

Stacy is offering two separate Spring Break Pole Vault Camps that will be a combination Commuter and In-House Camp. 

The Commuter: $350 

Includes: (2-Full Days) 4 Jump/Training Sessions

Description: Commuter Camp Is designed for athletes to be able to stay at home or travel to Boise and arrange independent accommodations (hotel, family/friend homes). Emphasis on “Learn-By-Doing” with evaluation and instruction provided real-time during Camp.  No ‘homework’ or off-track workshops/lectures.  Learn with a pole in your hand.  Commuter Camp provides no meals or transport; show up ready to train with your own packed lunch (or leave for an hour and return for afternoon session).


The In-House Athlete: $905

Includes: (2.5 Days) 5 Jump/Training Sessions, 3 Lectures/Workshops

Description: Athletes are expected to perform a pre-camp self-assessment, including video compilation and contribute to a pre-camp “plan of action”  tailored to each athlete’s identified strengths/weaknesses.  In-House Athletes arrive a day early and receive an initial observation/evaluation session on the first night.  In-House activities include: team-building meal preparation/dining/clean-up; post-dinner workshops/lectures; one-on-one time with Stacy & her clinicians for counselling/guidance/instruction. 5 jump/training sessions at track will include ‘Learn-By-Doing,” video evaluation, speed analysis, off-runway drills/sessions tailored to each athlete’s needs (based upon pre-camp evaluation and assessment with athlete).  All food, lodging and transport provided.

Stacy's Philosophy

A great pole vaulter comes from being a well-rounded athlete. It requires speed, strength, body awareness, and mental toughness. All of these items will be a focus of camp.

Stacy believes that the perfect vault starts with a solid run. The coaches will break down the run using sprint mechanics to correct form and maximize power and speed down the runway.

A proper balanced pole carry with a timely plant ensures athletes maintain energy through the take-off. The athletes will learn several different pole carry and plant drills which will enable them to perfect and execute an efficient jump.

The inversion to bar clearance is the final piece of the puzzle. Once the vaulter leaves the ground, the vault becomes a gymnastics maneuver. Therefore, the campers will spend time doing specific gymnastics drills that directly correlate to the inversion and extension phases of the vault.


Stacy strongly believes that it is important to watch elite vaulters, but it is equally important to watch yourself doing drills and jumps. Campers will be filmed and sent home with their own collections of videos so that they can remember what they worked on at camp and continue to perfect their skills.

The Takeaway from Camp

Attending camp is the first step to mastering the pole vault. By the end of camp, the athletes will be equipped with the knowledge to further their pole vault journey. They will be provided with videos, packets containing drills, strength training exercises, and workouts that can be incorporated into their daily training. Stacy and her team will always be available for support or questions, and look forward to seeing their athletes succeed!