We've designed a class that will fit your skill set. This will enable you to grow in the sport learning the proper building blocks while not being left behind or not challenged. We keep our group small so everyone has more individualized attention.


106 W. 53rd Street

Boise, ID 83714

  • March-May
  • June-July
  • October-February
  • September

Blue Ring - Stick Jumping

Sessions: 1 Day/week (60-minute sessions) Days/Time on Schedule as "Stick Jumping"

Fees: $10/session drop-in fee (Cash/Check at the Door)

Description: Stick jumping is for our younger athletes interested in getting introduced to pole vault. Stick jumping uses bamboo poles and teaches kids to grip a pole, jump and have fun while learning. This form of jumping allows kids to learn through obstacles and games, to be athletic while moving.

Red Ring - Beginner Pole Vaulters

Black Ring - Intermediate Vaulters

Green Ring - Advanced Vaulters

Sessions: 2 Days/week (2.5 hr sessions) Days/Time on Schedule as "Pole Vault Training"

Fees: $240/month or $30/session

Max class size: 10 athletes (First come/first serve sign-ups)

Description: Beginners, Intermediate, and Advanced levels combine for training targeted to supplement what is happening during the school season. Beginners will focus on learning running biomechanics, how to carry and plant a pole, plant and take-off position along with circuit training. Intermediate vaulters will continue to work on their fundamental skills, learning to bend a pole and begin inverting on the pole. Off runway work could include slide box, conditioning via weight room circuits and gymnastics/inversion drills. The advanced group will continue to work on fundamentals. Emphasis will be placed on more advanced techniques including inversion and bar clearance, while moving to longer and heavier poles. Off runway work could include slide box, conditioning via weight room circuits and gymnastics/inversion drills. 

Gold Ring - Emerging Elite Vaulters

Custom Training Programs.  The emerging elites are vaulters who have graduated from college and wish to continue vaulting and have a goal of becoming an elite vaulter and competing at a high level. If you would like to be a member of this group please contact Stacy for consultation.